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Samantha’s story

Samantha’s story

“If you believe you can, you can!”


Samantha studied the Certificate in Bookkeeping with us and we asked her a few questions.

Samatha Priday – Certificate in Bookkeeping


Tell me a little bit about yourself…

I am a single mother of two and I am currently working as an Office Manager in Wellington. I am very committed to furthering my own career and utilising the skills I have learned to make an impact in my industry.


How did you hear about The Career Academy?

I heard about The Career Academy through the Bookkeepers Association.

What course did you study?

I studied the Certificate of Bookkeeping.

How has your course helped you with your career/employment/work?

I was previously doing volunteer work and the course at The Career Academy allowed me to transition to working in my desired field. The course was extremely straightforward and gave me a great foundation to pursue my goal of opening my own business.


What did you enjoy the most about studying at The Career Academy?

I really enjoyed that I could complete the course at my own pace from the comfort of my own home. As a single mum who is opening her own business, it is essential that I have flexibility when studying and the career academy provided me with this.
I also found the student discussion board resource extremely helpful as it provided engagement with a community of students working towards similar goals.


What is your biggest achievement…what are you most proud of?

My biggest achievement has been completing the Certificate in Bookkeeping through The Career Academy. My time at The Career Academy has given me the confidence to work towards opening my own business and pursuing further study at The Career Academy.


What is your life motto?

If you believe you can, you can!

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Nicky’s story

Nicky’s story

“My tutor was fantastic!”


Nicky studied the Diploma in Management and Team Leadership with us and we asked her a few questions.

How did you hear about The Career Academy?

I was searching for some exiting courses to do, but also knew that financially I would not be able to afford studying without paying it off. Therefore, when I found Career Academy I also found what I was interested in studying as well as the ability to pay while studying.


Why did you choose your The Career Academy course?

I chose to study Management, as I had no idea what it was all about and it was a new challenge for me and kept my mind active and motivated.  I particularly enjoyed HR and personnel management and would not have minded doing a diploma or even a high degree in HR and personnel management.


How did you find the tutor and student services support throughout your time with us?

My tutor (Dinithi) was fantastic. The motivation and praise was all you needed to continue the next assessment/assignment. Positive and encouraging words are extremely helpful when you feeling isolated and it reassures you that you are on the right track.


Have you been able to make use of the information studied and learnt in your course? If so, how?

I have found that the management diploma, HR, and Personnel management Certificate has helped me with my counselling clients as I work for EAP providers. Work place issues is one of the biggest factors that I have come across in counselling, particularly bullying in the work place and with my certificate in HR and personnel management I am able to emotionally assist my clients work through there difficult time.


What’s your next step now you’ve graduated? What are you up to now?

If there was a diploma or even a higher education to obtain in HR and Personnel management I would certainly be interested in this. However, for now, I have recently started my own private counselling practice on Fridays. Having some, knowledge in Management has surely helped me a great deal; however I still feel I need more skills when it comes to finances and Excel. This might be next on my list.

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Joanne’s Story

Joanne’s story

A future Master Practicioner of Coaching!


We sat down with Joanne Hewlett and a had a brief chat about her studies with The Career Academy


How did you hear about The Career Academy?

I was living in a very small town and could only study online so I googled the kind of study I wanted to do and The Career Academy popped up.


Why did you choose your The Career Academy course?

I chose the course, Diploma of Psychology and Counselling at The Career Academy as it was exactly what I was looking for and wanted to do.


How did you find the tutor and student services support throughout your time with us?

The tutors gave me nothing but encouragement and praise and constructive criticism where it was needed which helped me learn and grow as the course went on. I also knew that if needed I could reach out to other students doing the same course for tips or advice as the support was there.


Have you been able to make use of the information studied and learnt in your course? If so, how?

On finishing my course I have now started another course with The Career Academy studying Child and Adolescent Psychological Development to further my education, knowledge and ability to start implementing why I wanted to study these courses in the first place.


What’s your next step now you’ve graduated? What are you up to now?

My next step and what I am doing now is also training to become a Credentialed Master Practitioner of Coaching.

All this has come from an idea I had to open up, which plans are in process, a community based bicycle workshop and give kids and adolescents a safe place to come to and learn a skill as well as develop their creativity, give them guidance and direction and help them on their journey in life.

The Career Academy has kick started this journey for me and I will be forever grateful for their encouragement and belief in me.

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Amali’s Story

Amali’s’s story

Amali’s furray into Psychology and Counselling with The Career Academy


How did you hear about The Career Academy?

I saw an advert on Facebook and called the number


Why did you choose your The Career Academy course?

  • Initially I took on the Diploma in Psychology and Counselling as I saw it as a way of helping me be a better People leader.
  • It gave me an opportunity to see if Psychology was just an interest for me or something deeper that I would want to pursue more fully.
  • The ability to study online and in my own time was really appealing and enabled me to complete the course within just a few months which was great.
  • In comparison to other providers this was a more affordable option.


How did you find the tutor and student services support throughout your time with us?

The tutors and student services were always friendly and helpful to deal with


Have you been able to make use of the information studied and learnt in your course? If so, how?

I haven’t been able to use this information in a work sense as yet being that I choose to leave my previous employer a few months ago.  However, the developmental insights learned via Psychology and the Counselling techniques within the course have been really useful in understanding and better dealing with my 6 year old son.


What’s your next step now you’ve graduated? What are you up to now?

The course really sparked a huge connection with me for furthering Psychology which I never knew I had.  I also was able to attend 2 days of the Psychology Society conference due to receiving The Career Academy Top of Class award.  This was 2 days of total geeking out on a fabulous event.  I loved every minute of the event and this has made me want to further my education even more.  At this point I am still trying to work out how I go about doing this.

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Hayden’s Story

Hayden’s story

Hayden’s studying with The Career Academy has helped them set future goals


How did you hear about The Career Academy?

Due to unforeseen injuries through working I had the hard choice to redirect my skills. In doing so I needed to gain some new skills and the direction I would like to go in the future would be towards the animal side of things as that’s where I feel my passion is held. Since I have never studied before, I started searching the internet and found that the career academy was world widely known. I had tried calling a few different places and the only ones that returned my calls was the career academy, they were helpful at giving me a path way to begin my study.


Why did you choose your The Career Academy course?

I think what helped me make the choice to study under the career academy was the easy signing up to get started and the payment plan set ups, the process in getting started was not stressful.


How did you find the tutor and student services support throughout your time with us?

The service provided was to a high standard and I found the tutors very helpful and easy to understand.


Have you been able to make use of the information studied and learnt in your course? If so, how?

At this stage the courses are a big stepping stone towards a future in vet nursing for me, I feel like I’ve learnt so much from the courses I chose, and it has made me feel like I will have a future working with animals.


What’s your next step now you’ve graduated? What are you up to now?

I began by studying the course on animal health care, which I loved because of my passion and life has been all about animals. This course gave me a good insight to how to study and how I learn, my aim in the long term is to study vet nursing and this course showed me about a lot of what to be ready for.

After I passed that course I started the business administration course with the career academy because I felt that with the rise of technology and computer skills this would really challenge my ability to learn skills outside of my comfort zone as well as skills that might be needed if working in a vet clinic. At the Graduation event I was surprised and lucky that I got a Endeavor award for outstanding dedication in administration, and even more surprised that I got funding towards another course. I’m currently doing the diploma in dog care and dog grooming, and really enjoying it. My plans next year is to try get into animal welfare and then vet nursing.

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Hiromi’s Story

Hiromi’s story

A mum starting a new career!


We sat down with Hiromi and a had a brief chat about her studies with The Career Academy


Tell us a little bit about yourself…


I’m Hiromi, born and raised in Auckland, NZ (after a short stint in Rarotonga). My family and I moved back to Auckland before I started school. I went on to complete a Bachelor of Education at Auckland University and was an educator within an early childcare centre for over three years. I moved to London in 2010 and did a couple of years teaching and nannying. After having a couple of kids of my own, I decided I wanted a career change and had a general interest in Bookkeeping.


How did you hear about The Career Academy?


My Mum referred me on to The Career Academy as she had done some freelance work for the company and knew about the different courses on offer.


What course did you study?


I completed the Certificate in Bookkeeping. This course was good, I liked being able to do the entire course at home, my daughter was only 10 weeks at the time, so I appreciated having the flexibility to study within my own pace. I could choose which days I wanted to commit to study – so I was able to balance study with my personal life.


How did you hear about the vacancy at The Back Office Company?


I received an email from the Career Centre which had information about the role and instructions on how to apply. I applied for the role and also emailed the Career Centre – a Career Coach gave me a call to discuss the role in further detail.


You got the job! Congratulations! How are you enjoying your role at The Back Office Company?


Thank you! It’s going really well, there has been lots of training and mentoring (once a week) and I am really enjoying the challenge of something new. I am able to establish a new career around the kids and it fits in really well with family life. A new challenge is always good! I really appreciate the support from The Back Office Company – they have really helped me progress into this role and without the support it wouldn’t be possible for me to do this role.


What do you do in your downtime?


My life is centred around the kids, I love being a Mum and spending time with kids is really important to me.


Thanks for your time today Hiromi – all the best with your new career at The Back Office Company!

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Nikki’s Story

Nikki’s story

“The team at The Career Academy really know how to support and guide people towards their goals.”

Accounting Technician during the weekdays,
Rally driver in the weekend!

Nikki is a former student of The Career Academy who has successfully completed a Certificate in Payroll Administration and a Certificate in Accounting, as well as a Diploma in Accounting. The Career Academy gave her the opportunity to further her professional development by means of the support and guidance to achieve the Accounting Technician designation and full membership with The Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand.


She is now a fully qualified Accounting Technician and works at Robinson Interiors, whom provide interior fit outs for super yachts. Her role involves daily office management, PA to the CEO as well as performing the main financial functions for the business.


Nikki was also asked to be an Accounting tutor at The Career Academy and loved the role as it enabled her to focus on helping people along their higher education pathways. “The team at The Career Academy really know how to support and guide people towards their goals,” she says. Prior to joining The Career Academy team, Nikki worked primarily in admin roles, notably as PA to the MD of a well-known family wine business.


Banner: Nikki’s  Accounting Technician Certificate of Achievement.



Nikki was her Dad’s co-driver for many years. Now she has her own car and can focus on Rallying. When she’s not straightening the curves, she is enjoying time with her son, husband, and Husky Chey.


Below: Nikki tearing up the gravel co-driving with her Dad.


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Janet’s Story

Janet’s story

A Stay at Home Mum with Aspirations to Work with Animals!


We sat down with Janet and a had a brief chat about her studies with The Career Academy


Tell me a little bit about yourself…


I am Janet, a stay at home mum. A friend of mine offered for me to come work with her in her dog grooming salon but recommended that I do some study first. So I enrolled into The Career Academy and have been doing some work experience every Tuesday at my friend’s dog grooming salon here in WA.


How did you hear about The Career Academy?


I just jumped on Google and searched for dog grooming courses, it came up with a training course website and it linked me over to The Career Academy.


What course are you studying?


Advanced Certificate in Dog Grooming. I am on my last certificate, so not long to go until I have completed the course. It’s a great course, very informative and I do feel like I am learning heaps.


How has your course helped you with your current career/employment/work? 


It’s helped me understand the industry better and expand my existing knowledge about different dog breeds, coats and skin conditions. It’s also helping me to learn what to do and what not to do when working closely with dogs. Every dog is different and it can be a challenge


What is your biggest achievement…what are you most proud of?


Being able to find a career, I feel like I have found my passion. I’ve gone from working in a pathology office to know hanging out with some super cute dogs!


What do you hope to achieve at the end of your study?


I hope to be a more experienced groomer. Once I finish my studies, I will be able to be employed at my friends business and help her expand her business by offering mobile grooming options.


What do you do in your downtime?


I don’t get a lot of downtime, being a parent of a cheeky three year old daughter! I am a big fan of Anime though and try to squeeze in an episode here and there!


What is your life motto?


Just wing it!


Thanks for your time today Janet – all the best with completing your course and your soon to be – new career in Dog Grooming! We wish you well!

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Christine’s story

Christine’s story: 

 “Feel the fear, and just go for it!”

Christine Kidd knows all about how to overcome a challenge.

For many years, she’s dealt with significant health issues, but she continues to face these head-on. As part of her self-development, she’s taken various word processing, computing and administration courses over the years, and is now a proficient audio typist who works from home.


Christine wanted to further enhance her business skills and broaden the scope of the work she could undertake. She searched online, found The Career Academy and thought that our Certificate in Medical Reception looked ideal. This was confirmed by a phone call to Amy in our student support team who went through the course contents and also ensured that Christine was comfortable with the payment terms. Christine was on her way!


It was a big step and initial challenge for her to choose online learning rather than the more traditional “class room” environment. “It was a bit scary!” Christine says. “I’m used to text books and lecturers, but there I was on my own, receiving my assignments through the website.”


Then there was the concern that, if she didn’t understand something, Christine’s tutor would be far too busy to help her. Happily though this was absolutely not the case. “Tracey could not have been more kind or supportive,” affirms Christine. “I quickly realised that they were nothing like the fierce and overbearing teachers from my school days! These were professional business people who really were there to help.” Challenge faced front on!


The Career Academy Student Story | Facing a challenge

Pictured L-R: Amy, student support; Helen, Christine’s mentor; Christine Kidd and Tracey, tutor.


There are ten modules for the Certificate in Medical Reception, and these include:


  • Understanding medical terminology and abbreviations for: anatomical structure, medical equipment and processes, and pharmacological terminology (along with several other key areas)
  • Time management, ethics and professionalism
  • Customer service skills (incl. telephone and in person best practice)
  • Essential skills in Microsoft Word and Excel


One of the elements that Christine particularly enjoyed was taking a load of facts or statistics, interpreting that information and then formatting it into an attractive, easy-to-understand presentation.


There was a moment of panic for Christine every time she e-mailed through an assignment for marking. However, as she continued to receive the most positive feedback (for example: “You have shown very good ability with this assessment and answered the questions in great detail. You have a strong business and personal ethic and it shows in your answers“) her confidence soared.


Helen is Christine’s mentor and reports seeing a change in Christine since she completed her certificate. “She’s had this glow, like a spring in her step!” smiles Helen. “Being respected and having her skills recognised has been a great boost for Christine. The value of improved self-esteem and self-confidence can’t really be overstated.”


As well as the extra skills she’s learned, Christine feels that completing her Certificate in Medical Reception has helped her in other practical ways too. “I’m definitely more confident using the Internet now, which means I can be more proactive searching for contracts and, therefore, increase my workload.”


The Career Academy are delighted that Christine faced her challenge and has decided to carry on learning with us, this time with a more advanced course, the Diploma in Accounting. We wish her continued success.

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George’s story

George’s story:


“It was as though everything had been designed to suit my needs,” comments George. “The payment plans were ideal, the course was well structured and the support I received from my tutors was amazing. These are the three key reasons why I’d recommend The Career Academy to my friends without any hesitation.”

Changing careers – it doesn’t have to be like pulling teeth!

Packing up your bags, your family and your life, and relocating halfway round the world is probably the biggest decision someone could ever make. Not only is there the physical upheaval of the move, there’s also the emotional whirlwind. In 2012, George Papaioannou left his home in Greece and brought his wife and two boys.


George was a respected dentist with more than 20 years professional experience. Unfortunately though he found his Greek qualifications aren’t recognised worldwide, which meant he’d have to re-qualify. This proved to be a lengthy, cumbersome and expensive process and, after much consideration, George decided to embark on a new career pathway.


George’s first thought was to go into tourism but, given his proven business acumen and the fact that “I’m not in my twenties any more!” he opted for accountancy. Attending polytechnic was not appealing; it was more costly than online learning, and would seriously cut into the hours where George could be earning an income. He searched online and found The Career Academy’s Certificate in Accounting.


From the moment George made his first phone call for more information, he says he knew he’d made the right choice. Amy was kind and patient on the telephone, carefully answering his queries, explaining the learning process and generally being supportive. George seized the opportunity and signed up.


Studying around his temporary job at a fast-food restaurant, George successfully completed the Certificate in just seven weeks.


The Career Academy’s Certificate in Accounting consists of ten modules, including:


  • Core accounting principles
  • Financial statements
  • Fundamentals of GST and income tax
  • Invoicing and an introduction to Xero and /or MYOB

George achieving his Certificate in Accounting was just the first step on his new career pathway. We’re delighted that he’s now progressing further with The Career Academy, studying for his Diploma in Accounting which comprises six modules:


  1. Accounting Fundamentals*
  2. Accounting Principles
  3. Accounting Practices
  4. Management Accounting
  5. Taxation
  6. Advanced Xero

* Students who have already achieved their Certificate in Accounting, automatically receive credits for this module.


“George and his family left Greece in 2004. “I think the transition has been easier for our boys than for my wife and I,” he says. “They’re younger and they’re surrounded by English-speakers at school every day. They often correct our English – but that’s good, it helps us improve even more!”


George’s ultimate goal is to become an Accounting Technician and a member of CAANZ (Chartered Accountants Australia & New Zealand), which is exactly why Career Academy designed the Accounting Pathway Program – for savvy people like him who want to fast-track their accounting career.