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Know your email etiquette


Know your email etiquette

Think twice before hitting that send button! Does your email follow these professional guidelines?

Are you using an appropriate email address? Perhaps it’s time to upgrade your email address from “funkychick@hotmail” to something that reflects your professional self.

Make sure the subject line clearly states the purpose of your email. This could mean the difference between the recipient choosing to open or dismiss your email.

Write clearly. Use bullet points to make your points concise and don’t use ’text speak’.

Proofread! Read your email out loud before sending and don’t rely on spell check to pick up mistakes.

Think before you reply

Be careful when selecting reply and ensure you send your email to the right person. No one wants to read an email that has nothing to do with them because someone accidently clicked ‘reply all’.

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Linkedln – your online resume

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LinkedIn – your online resume





Your LinkedIn profile is your online resume and will help you build a professional brand for prospective employers.

Make sure your profile is complete and detailed but temporarily turn off your activity broadcast whenever you are updating so you don’t fill your connections feed with update notices.

Include a high quality, recent photo. Use a headshot that represents the professional you rather than a holiday snap.

Customise your URL so your link is easy to share. If your name is available, use it.

Make your profile public so people can find you. Use a summary to showcase parts of your profile. Add photos, videos and slideshow presentations to your profile summary to provide examples of your work or show yourself in action. Click ‘Edit Profile’, scroll down to your summary, then click on the box symbol, then ‘Add file’.

Request LinkedIn recommendations from people you have worked with. These will act as references to potential employers.

Volunteering counts

In a LinkedIn survey 41% of professionals considered volunteer work equally as valuable as paid work experience.

To add the Volunteer Experience and Causes field to your profile click ‘Profile’ at the top, click ‘Add Sections’, select ‘Volunteer Experience & Causes’, click ‘Add to Profile’ and fill out the applicable fields.